Our digital solutions are centered around our clients’ needs and expectations. With everything we do, our focus is to make you successful. From custom strategies to data-driven planning, your dreams are our mission.

Website Design

You need a platform to showcase your products, and help your customers get to know you and your brand. Demonstrate why they need your products, what your products do, and how using your products will change their life! They simply can’t live without them! We will build your website with a combination of your vision and our expertise.

Custom Logo, Graphic, and E-Book Design

No business is complete without a stunning, eye-catching logo that tells the story of the business in a quick glance. We will work with you to create a custom logo that captures your vision, strengths, and purpose.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a ‘back-ground’ power-house that can affect your business on so many levels. If you are selling your products online, then showing up on page one for multiple searches is a must. We all know that if your business is on page 2, you simply won’t see the traffic you should be getting. We will perform SEO services to help your site rank at the top of page 1 for your search terms.


Google My Business & Business Listings

Known as the more ‘boring’ side of setting up your e-commerce foundations, business listings are extremely important if you want people to find you! A GMB listing can raise your online findability, and business listings connected across the data collection sites can boost your organic SEO and help more customers find you in online searches. We will claim and set up your GMB and Business Listings so that you are easily found by your customers.


Reputation & Reviews

Did you know that about 90% of online shoppers check review prior to buying from a company? If you do not have a good review management & display system, then your customers are going to move onto one of your competitors that they feel has more niche authority and demonstrates social trust. You NEED to be on top of your reviews if you want to grow! Let us help you manage and gather reviews that will build your reputation.


Social Media

With everyone spending so much time on Social Media, it is a matter of life and death for your e-commerce business to be active and present on SM. By demonstrating that you and your products and relational, practical, fun, and something people have to have, SM is a true e-commerce foundation. We will build or modify your page, create relevant, engaging posts, and network your page with the authority figures in your product niche.


Digital Ads

When you have your foundation in place, you need to tell everyone that you exist! Start running targeted ads to let people know about your products, and re-target those who stopped by your store. At first, ads will serve to create awareness. But it won’t be long before they start becoming a revenue machine! Let us design and run your ads for you, leveraging our expertise to make you successful.


Email Marketing

Stats show that for every $1 spent on email campaigns, about $36 – $48 is returned. That is an ROI that even the most skeptical business owner can’t turn away from! We will set up your email in either Active Campaign or Constant Contact, and will write copy that sells your products! We can manage your entire email program from start to finish, providing ongoing management so that you can focus on running your business.


E-Books and Graphic Design

Do you have a product that is a new product on the market, or a new design of a well-loved product? Let us help you create an engaging e-book, brochures, or other graphic work to help you showcase your projects. E-books are great lead magnets, and are excellent additions to your email campaigns and website! Our graphic designer is highly skilled at making you and your products look awesome!


Photography & Videography

We all know that ‘a picture is worth 1000 words.’ When it comes to e-commerce, this is true like never before! Many customers who shop on mobile devices will make a purchase decision based directly on the photos, and not even look at the product description. Your photos absolutely much high-light exactly how your product meets your customers’ needs, resolves their pain point, and bring them joy. We provide professional e-commerce photography packages and videography that will ‘wow’ your audience and help them understand that they need exactly what you are offering.


Sell on Amazon

Selling your products on Amazon can be a game-changer! We provide superior SEO and customer-centric listings that will rank organically and convert buyers who are looking for your products. We also provide Amazon product photography with all the particulars that make photos stand out on the Amazon Marketplaces. We can even provide models to show your products in use! Check out our “Sell on Amazon” page for more info, and our “Courses” page for links to some of the top Amazon training in the world!


Accident & Sickness Coverage

Life is uncertain, and you can’t afford to be hurt or sick. Your business would suffer, and depending on your circumstances, may go under completely. Our coverage is unique in that we provide some of the broadest 24/7 work/play/home coverage available in Canada! With rates that suit every income and budget, business owners are signing up for themselves and their employees. They can’t afford not to, and neither can you! Click here to find out details that will have you wondering why you didn’t have our coverage last time you got hurt!


Power Hour

If you are wondering where to start, then you need to leverage my experience and training on your behalf. Book a Power Hour with me now to help create your own customized action plan and get your business moving forward! Book with me here.


Business Review Report

Get a firm grip on exactly where your business is at with our comprehensive Snapshot Report! Free by itself, or book a Power Hour with me to review your report, ask questions, and get clarity like never before!

Free Report of Your Entire Online Presence

To know where you need to go, you need to know where you are at. Our Snapshot Report provides a comprehensive review of your entire online presence, showing you where you are at right now, and providing industry standards to compare to. The information contained within this report is very powerful, and can save you thousands of dollars. When combined with a Power Hour, this report is absolute Dynamite for any e-commerce business! Note: The report takes 24 hours to generate. We will contact you when your report is ready!

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